Forensic Behavioral Health, Inc.

Committed to providing the highest quality assessment, consultation, and treatment services to

  • individuals and families
  • criminal justice and law enforcement professionals
  • attorneys and courts
  • treatment providers and clients


We are happy to consult attorneys regarding the best use of psychological science to inform the court. We are also available to consult mental health providers preparing to testify or seeking appropriate services for their clients.


We are prepared to offer training to individuals and to small or large groups. Call us, and we will tailor our presentation to your needs.

Some available topics:

  • Making the best use of psychological testing in mental health treatment
  • The use of psychological evaluations to inform child custody and child welfare proceedings
  • Bearing Witness: Psychotherapists called to testify in court.
  • Vicarious trauma in helping professions
  • Violence risk assessment and sexual violence risk assessment for mental health and criminal justice professionals